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Specialized Support and Tailored Consultation for Your Unique Laboratory Needs

Empowering Labs, Enhancing Efficiency

At Lab Connections, we go beyond the ordinary, offering specialized support and tailored Quality Assurance services to meet the unique needs of your laboratory.

With over 50 years of collective experience, our team comprises ASCP MLS/MT certified scientists, each with a wealth of hands-on experience in laboratory operation, management, and development. We understand the challenges faced by modern medical facilities operating under CLIA, CAP, COLA and Joint Commission standards.

Team Certifications

Case Studies

Case Study: Quality Improvements

Quality improvements were achieved through collaboration between the Lab Connections team and Laboratory Staff, verifying the accurate transmission of patient results to healthcare providers and fostering staff confidence in delivering precise diagnostic testing. Statistical analysis of the Six Sigma metric, coefficient ratio, and standard deviation index from peer evaluations were employed to measure the progress […]


Case Study: Calculated Cost Reduction

Lab Connections is pleased to announce that, with our guidance and collective efforts alongside lab management we have successfully demonstrated a marked improvement in quality while simultaneously realizing a reduction in operating costs over the period of February 1st to April 30th, 2023. This accomplishment has resulted in a measured cost reduction of $4900 in […]



“With April’s Lab Connection, our Lab has been upgraded to compete and thrive in the future. We received a thoroughly detailed and personally tailored program that specificity dealt with the needs of our lab and team. At the time, our team was relatively new, and Lab Connection played a crucial ...

Elevate your lab, Increase Profitability

Our tailored solutions can directly increase your profitability and streamline your lab processes.

  1. Custom Solutions: Each lab is unique; we offer tailored strategies to fit your needs.
  2. Expertise You Can Trust: Over 50 years of combined experience in the lab industry.
  3. Cost Reduction: Proven strategies that directly impact your bottom line.
  4. Ensured Compliance: Stay ahead of regulations with our expert guidance.

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