Automation & Auto-Verification

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Automation & Auto-Verification

At Lab Connections, we’re experts in harnessing automation to unlock the full potential of your laboratory. Whether it’s streamlining preanalytical processes, implementing cutting-edge analytical solutions, or optimizing postanalytical tasks, we have the expertise to make it happen.

Our track record includes impressive results, such as achieving up to 70% autoverification rates for various tests.

We’re your partners in efficiency, leveraging technology and best practices to streamline workflows and reduce manual tasks. Choose Lab Connections to transform your laboratory into a highly efficient, state-of-the-art operation.

Automation and Auto-Verification Process Development

Autoverification frees technologists to focus on results that need more attention, ensures that defined parameters for quality are met, and improves turnaround times.

With our support, one laboratory went from zero autoverification to 70% for Hematology, 50% for Urinalysis, 63% for Coagulation, and 70% for Chemistry tests.

Results reflect inpatient testing only and are not a representation of clinical, wellness, or reference testing.

Our team can manage your autoverification project, coordinating the efforts of IT, LIS, Instrument vendors and key operators to evaluate current rules, develop algorithms, install technological support, test rules and offer training and go live assistance.

Preanalytical, Analytical, & Postanalytical

We help implement automation in all three phases of laboratory testing.

  • Preanalytical
    • Handheld patient identification and barcoding systems with label printers
    • Automated centrifugation and aliquoting
    • Software driven sample accessioning upon instrument loading
  • Analytical
    • Sample rejection triggered by established criteria for specimen quality, based on serum indices (hemolysis, icterus, lipemia)
    • Repeat testing
    • Delta check
  • Postanalytical
    • Reflex test auto-ordering
    • Critical value communication
    • Digital delivery of report to provider and patient

Efficiency Assessments

Efficiency assessments by our team provide perspectives on using new or existing technology to align workflows with guidelines of good practice, reducing manual tasks.

In one instance, our team was able to reduce the number of manual differentials from greater than 30% to less than 10%.

This was accomplished by customizing ISLH guidelines to established criteria and implementing a previously unused function of existing digital imaging technology to confirm the automated differential.

Case Studies

Case Study: Quality Improvements

Quality improvements were achieved through collaboration between the Lab Connections team and Laboratory Staff, verifying the accurate transmission of patient results to healthcare providers and fostering staff confidence in delivering precise diagnostic testing. Statistical analysis of the Six Sigma metric, coefficient ratio, and standard deviation index from peer evaluations were employed to measure the progress […]


Case Study: Calculated Cost Reduction

Lab Connections is pleased to announce that, with our guidance and collective efforts alongside lab management we have successfully demonstrated a marked improvement in quality while simultaneously realizing a reduction in operating costs over the period of February 1st to April 30th, 2023. This accomplishment has resulted in a measured cost reduction of $4900 in […]


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