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Unlock cost-efficient solutions for your lab, addressing your unique challenges and ensuring optimal compliance.

We Reduce Lab Costs an Average of $40,000 Per Quarter

Lab Connections Quality Control Services offers an affordable holistic approach to address the challenges faced by medical laboratories.  This is accomplished through background observation where we deliver continuous monitoring of quality control results. This strategy will enhance staff training, and resource optimization. We aim to elevate the quality control standards within medical laboratories by ultimately benefiting both patients and healthcare providers. This will generate quality benchmarks and process improvements for safe test performance by:

Ensuring correct test mapping in 3rd party quality control software

Programing  Westgard Multirules into QC software while utilizing Six Sigma metrics to reduce false QC rejections and enhance true error detection

Providing Lab Scientists with one-on-one training with LC’s Sigma Quality Manager to instill stewardship of costly lab materials while upholding the highest standard for results

Policies, procedures, flowcharts, and worksheets will be created and introduced for troubleshooting procedures

Reviewing of QC data daily, weekly, and monthly

Let us be your partner in achieving both compliance and cost-effectiveness.

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs

From enhancing workflow to ensuring compliance, we prioritize your specific pain points. With Lab Connections, transform obstacles into opportunities and drive costs down, all while maintaining the highest standards.

Optimized Workflow Solutions

Drive Efficiency & Precision: Unlock your lab’s potential as a star performer with our tailored solutions, ensuring smooth benchwork and managerial success.

Compliance & Resolution Support

Navigate Challenges with Expertise: Whether you’ve failed an proficiency test or face urgent action plans, leverage our 50+ years of experience to achieve compliance seamlessly.

Scientific Collaboration

Real Solutions for Real Challenges: Our ASCP MLS/MT certified scientists are here to ease staffing demands and pinpoint deficiencies, offering both remote and onsite support tailored to your lab’s needs.

Quality Control Mastery

Eliminate Wastage & Boost Efficiency: Overcome “Alert Fatigue” and resource drain. With our statistical acumen, refine your quality design, and streamline control practices for optimal results.

Comprehensive Compliance Assistance

Stay Ahead Amidst Challenges: Navigate labor strains and resource crunches with our guidance. From updating policies to preparing for inspections, we’re here to mentor or manage as per your lab’s needs.

Tech Integration & Mediation

Venture Confidently into New Tech Frontiers: Delve into areas like autoverification and machine learning guided by our expertise. Simplify vendor interactions and tech implementations, addressing your key pain points.

Case Studies

Case Study: Quality Improvements

Quality improvements were achieved through collaboration between the Lab Connections team and Laboratory Staff, verifying the accurate transmission of patient results to healthcare providers and fostering staff confidence in delivering precise diagnostic testing. Statistical analysis of the Six Sigma metric, coefficient ratio, and standard deviation index from peer evaluations were employed to measure the progress […]


Case Study: Calculated Cost Reduction

Lab Connections is pleased to announce that, with our guidance and collective efforts alongside lab management we have successfully demonstrated a marked improvement in quality while simultaneously realizing a reduction in operating costs over the period of February 1st to April 30th, 2023. This accomplishment has resulted in a measured cost reduction of $4900 in […]



“With April’s Lab Connection, our Lab has been upgraded to compete and thrive in the future. We received a thoroughly detailed and personally tailored program that specificity dealt with the needs of our lab and team. At the time, our team was relatively new, and Lab Connection played a crucial ...


Quality Control and Assurance Services Pricing

Quality Control Oversight with Reports to Management Monthly Fee: $500

Quality Control Oversight with Follow-up Education and Corrective Actions Monthly Fee: $750

Quality Assurance Oversight Monthly Fee: $1000

Quality Assurance Oversight with Corrective Education and Plan of Correction Monthly Fee: $1300

*Note: Policies and procedures are offered as add-ons to the Quality Assurance plan

Policy and Procedure Creation $200 per Policy & Procedure

Policy and Procedure Updates for Well-Written SOP $50 per Update

Elevate your lab, Increase Profitability

Our tailored solutions can directly increase your profitability and streamline your lab processes.

  1. Custom Solutions: Each lab is unique; we offer tailored strategies to fit your needs.
  2. Expertise You Can Trust: Over 50 years of combined experience in the lab industry.
  3. Cost Reduction: Proven strategies that directly impact your bottom line.
  4. Ensured Compliance: Stay ahead of regulations with our expert guidance.

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